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Couples getawayTips for Securing That First Class Flight
by Jonathan Kittley

Everyone who flies on a regular basis, and even those that might be flying for the first time, would love to be able to fly first class. Who wouldn't want to be pampered and catered to while sipping on the finest of wines and eating a five star meal on an airline. You sit there thinking how envious all those in coach are as they sit there with their peanuts and soft drinks. Being able to get that cheap first class flight isn't as hard as they would like you to think however.

Getting a cheap first class flight is something that frequent flyers always seem to know. There are many ways to do this as a frequent flyer. Using your miles to upgrade is one of the reasons people are joining a frequent flyer club. But there are ways to get ahead and top out the list. Become an elite flyer and reap the rewards.

Ask your frequent flyer customer service representative if there are any elite flyer challenges to bump you up the list. These often require you to fly a certain number of flights in a set time, or fly out of certain cities. Although some airlines don't offer this, it never hurts to just ask.

Another tip for getting that cheap first class flight is to fly stand by. Well, it might not be a convenient idea for you, but sometimes it actually works. The problem is if you are on a deadline to travel, and whether or not any one actually doesn't use his seat in first class. This is not very high on the list to try, but is still an option.

Getting your cheap first class flight will definately take a lot of organization and pateince. Booking ahead will always help and showing up before your check in time is a good way to start the process. Always be friendly. After all, the airline employees are just working people too, much like you.

For an express jump to that cheap first class flight, you will have to pay up. Joining the mileage club and airline members club is a great start. Use your miles to upgrade your seat when ever you can, and don't forget to start early. A lot of airlines offer packages for early bookings. See what you can get and start there.

Take the time to research your flights and choose the best route and airline for you at the time. Even if you have to travel to another departure city, it just might be your answer to getting that first class seat you can actually afford.

About the author:
Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and was interviewed on where you can learn all about cheap flights and free flight upgrades.



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