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Are you a travel writer and would like more exposure to your work? This is a perfect place for your work.

We are actively seeking travel recommendations for couples. Here are some guidelines to help you along:

  • We are seeking concise, inspiring travel stories. They should encourage others on a similar travel path, while being a fairly quick and enjoyable read.
  • Article length between 200 to 1,200 words, staying as close to word count as possible.
  • Photos are recommended and encouraged. If your travel story is approved, we will contact you for photos.
  • Paint pictures so that we see, feel and hear the story through your eyes.
  • Add humor as appropriate.
  • Travel tips are always welcome and helpful
  • Try to include conversations as you remember them. It helps the reader feel like we are there, inside the story

TIP: Have a friend (or a few friends) read your story. They can offer feedback on parts of the story they would like to hear more about, or questions that might be left with after reading the story. Spell check and submit using the form below with your byline and info about yourself, link to your Facebook or website etc

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